Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting Serious

So as you may have read, I am making a shell pattern afghan throw for my mother for mothers day. The problem is, I KEEP GETTING DISTRACTED. This pattern is so quick and easy it seems stupid to be behind. So, I am not working on my doily or any squares until i finish this blanket. I probably wont have anything to blog about either.  : (

I hate time sensitive projects.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Crochet Voice

So, as usual Ive been nosing into people's business browsing blogs. : )

I follow a lot of crochet blogs, some designers and most just people like me trying different stitches and patterns and sometimes creating something wonderful. Anyway, to the point, I've been reading alot about how crocheters are attempting to find their 'voice', what kind of crocheter they want to be. As I ponder this myself, I HAVE NO IDEA! I am just running around trying everything. Sometimes I like to sit down and just read books, see all the patterns and then dream about creating everything.  My favorite book for these dreams is 300 Classic Blocks for Crochet Projects. I swear you could stare into the pages for HOURS.

So in conclusion, I have no voice right now. Right this moment I am using the voice of other crocheters.  I hope to find out my crocheter's voice sometime in the next few years.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Delicate Pineapple-For Charlotte

The Delicate Pineapple

CH 8 join to form ring
RND 1- Ch 4,  23 tr in ring, sl to join
RND 2- Ch 6, skip next tr, (dc in next tr, ch 3, skip next tr) around, join
RND 3- skip st in first ch 3 sp, ch 4, 4 tr in same sp, ch 3, sc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3. -5 tr in next ch 3 sp, ch 3, sc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3 repeat from - around, join ( 30 TR)
RND 4- Ch 8, tr in same st, ch 3, skip next tr, tr in next tr, ch 3, skip next tr, tr ch 3, dtr in next tr, skip next 2 ch-3 sps (the round continues, put this is where I am jammed up.) This is what I have so far, I can not tell if my dtr is in the right area, I get confused b/c where it says skip the 2 ch-3sps, when that is where i have placed the dtr b/c there is not a tr where it reads it will be.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mother's Day Blanket

I've been making a blanket using a simple shell stitch for my mother for mother's day. It's going to be a throw, 50" wide...still debating over 50" or 60" long. The colors were not my first choice...but they were picked to match her new design of their den. I might make a matching lapghan for the back of a recliner...maybe.
Red Heart: Coffee
Red Heart: Sh Browns
Red Heart: Buff

My Shell Pattern:

Materials List

Size I (5.50mm) hook or whatever hook size gives you gauge
Around 32 oz of textured worsted--texture helps boost the appearance of this pattern

Finished Size

50" by 50" Add extra length for larger people :)


7 shells = 4 inches/10cm

The Pattern

Ch 151.
Row 1:  sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across.  ch1, turn.
Row 2:   sc in first sc, *skip next sc, 1sc and 1dc in next sc* repeat from * across until the last sc. sc in last sc. ch 1, turn.
Row 3:   sc in the first sc *skip next dc, 1 sc and 1 dc in next sc* repeat from* across until the last sc. sc in last sc. ch1, turn.
Repeat row 3 until throw is 49" inches/122.5cm long or at your desired length
Last Row: sc in each sc and dc across -- do not fasten off --weave in ends.
Rnd1: sc evenly around throw -- 3 sc in each corner

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Project!!

I've started a new blanket, I've decided to put my granny squares on hold. I am doing a simple shell pattern, with red heart yarn. Its planned to be a throw 50 x 50. I have about 5 rows in, I will take a picture when I color change.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Change of the Master Plan

I have completed the baby afghan, all I need to do is the SC white border. I might do this sunday for the rest of my list...

1) The Delicate Pineapple- I am jammed up on round 4, it calls for 3 tr in every other st before the sp, of course I only have 5 tr in the round before. I've checked the previous round, it is correct. I have no idea how I am going to figure this out.

2) My Granny Square Afghan- I have changed the center colors. I am using about 5 different shades of green including 3 varigaided. I do not know what I will be doing with the pink Caron yarn, I have two pounds. Maybe I will make an addition granny square afghan with pink and white later in the year.

3) I had originally planned on learning the ripple...I might decide against this. I might work this shell pattern on a sample.

4) Make a throw-Chocolate, Buff and Brown Varigaided...possibly in ripple or shell pattern depending on how #3 goes. : )

5) Learn the BroomStick Lace, I am still dreading this...

6) Make 4 Pillowcases with BSL

7) Make Liam a checkerboard afghan...i have learned the pattern so I crossed a number off my list.

8) Make a christmas doily for my aunt Maura
9) Slap myself for planning all these projects that are due by x mas
#9 is the only plan that has stayed the same!! : )

Two New Squares

Simple square- Red Heart Lime and Red Heart Teal
Checkerboard pattern, using trebles. : )